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My eternal appreciation goes out to one Woman in particular my Mom, Luisita. She openly gave her love, compassion, friendship and shared her love by giving everything to those she loved, simply out of her love for giving selflessly to those she loved, her family and friends. She never expected or wanted anything in return other than the love she received in return, something she already had lots of. Her motto  was "has bien, y no mires a quien", " Do Good, and don't look at who".....

Luisita was selfless love in it's purest form.

Luisa died the day after Thanksgiving 2010, at the age of 83 of Lung Cancer. The disease consumed her otherwise perfectly healthy body and life going from a beautiful 123 lbs to barely 78 pounds at her death. She smoked until her frail little body no longer had the strength to inhale her killers. When she could no longer smoke, the cancer aggressively took over until she died a painful, terrible death. She suffered in pain for over 35 years, bent over holding her chest, in silence, smoking, denying her pain was because of her smoking, she also suffered from shingles. Surrounded by so much love from her son & granddaughter and a select few of the many she loved that cared enough to come say good-bye to her she passed quietly, giving me one last Thanksgiving with her.

She will be forever be in my heart, her spirit keeping me safe, and I hope the message of appreciation keeps Women from smoking themselves to a un-necessary painful end. This website is dedicated to her life and her spirit, along with a message of hope, that if just one woman will stop smoking, they can give their children a future full of love and opportunity and will live a healthier, Happier Appreciated life.

Luisa left one son to carry on her memory. She was true love, and will always be in my heart. "worn proudly"tm By special order only -                                                                         a portion of every sale will be donated to cancer research organization(s) yet to be determined.

My Mom Luisa in her twenties


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